A heated Gayle King defends 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'


The CBS piece mentioned San Francisco radio station KOIT is conducting a poll to see if the song, which it banned Monday, should remain off its playlist.

Glenn Anderson, one of the hosts of the OH radio station WDOK, which first made a decision to ban the song, described the song as "very manipulative and wrong". "Way before #Me Too, I would hear from time to time people call it a date rape song". "I think you can look at anything and read something into it these days, and I just don't think that was the case when they wrote that song and (it's not) the intent of the song, and I think we have to look at that".

"I totally get what you're saying about the context", he acknowledged, "but that powerful reaction has to be dealt with".

While the headlines around "Baby, It's Cold Outside" have been more prominent in the last couple of years, the song was accused of being problematic for years before the allegations against Cosby resurfaced in 2014.

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A flirty and seasonal classic, or an out-dated song that's problematic?

The daughter of the man who wrote the Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside", said the social justice warriors attacking the song are totally wrong and that the song has no correlation to date rape or any reasons why it should be cut by a radio station.

It's a debate that's reignited every year as the calendars flip to November and the temperatures grow frostier: Is "Baby, It's Cold Outside" good, or bad?

After WDOK pulled the song, stations in Cleveland and Colorado also followed suit, sparking a backlash by listeners on social media. Though some say it eerily relates to Bill Cosby drugging women's drinks, Susan Loesser said the time frame of the song's text is more geared for those in the 1940's and 50's. "People used to say "what's in this drink" as a joke".