You Can Get A Whopper For 1 Cent, But Only At McDonald's


The latest volley in Burger King's recent barrage of conspicuously naughty promotions and ads employs geotargeting to snatch business away from its perennial nemesis, McDonald's.

In a ballsy bit of fast food schadenfreude, Burger King is now selling Whoppers for a penny.

From Dec. 4-12, BK is offering a one-cent Whopper to anyone who has downloaded its revamped app, and gets within 600 feet of a McDonald's. But, and here comes the sneaky part, customers have to be using the Burger King app to order - and be at a McDonald's.

Others said that Burger King's promotion backfired and they ended up eating in McDonald's.

If a customer steps inside a McDonald's restaurant, the app will unlock a Whopper sandwich for a penny.

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People can capitalize on the promotion starting Tuesday and running through December 12.

Another customer, Sten Drescher, wrote: "I wanted to take you up on this offer, but once I reached McDonald's, I discovered that none of the nearby Burger Kings did mobile ordering, a requirement of this offer".

The Miami-based fast-food restaurant chain debuted the promotion Tuesday.

But in fact the Twitter account was heading to the nearest McDonald's to unlock the one-cent Whopper after downloading the mobile app.

No, you won't actually buy the burger at a McDonald's.