LeBron James Reportedly Interested in Lakers Signing Carmelo Anthony


Even the beat writers just fawn over him. Nevertheless, with the Lakers playing pretty good basketball as of late, does a move for Carmelo Anthony make sense for them at this point?

Suns forward Trevor Ariza said players similar to James, like Leonard and Thunder forward Paul George, could possibly be marginalized if they join the Lakers. So, we got guys who just want to continue to develop and guys that continue to get better and better just from experience. A brief scroll through his feed shows you what he's wearing on the day's show, what shoes he wore to the studio, and usually what kind of hot cereal he had for breakfast.

"So I think people are trying to blow it out of proportion, like, 'OK, why do you have LeBron if you don't want to use him?' They don't understand the logic behind it". "You can never try to make up your mind and know what you're going to do in that time". A lot of young players are developing that skill. Not because he's a bad teammate, but because of the media he attracts, which Durant believes creates a "toxic" environment.

Though he spent just one season in Seattle, Durant has consistently said how much he enjoyed his time there and even paid homage to one of the SuperSonics greats by wearing a Shawn Kemp jersey during introductions of an exhibition game his Warriors played this season at KeyArena, the Sonics' old home. "It's a level of jealousy, it's a level of hating, I'm really surprised he went there because they seem to have a really good relationship". And if such a plan were to seriously be put in place, Seattle's last great National Basketball Association player wants to be part of it.

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James is one of the few players in the National Basketball Association that genuinely ages like a fine wine.

After last night's win, though, James was asked if his performance was fueled at all by the talk surrounding him of late.

"He's very unselfish. He's won multiple championships with other superstars".

"I think the business side of it is obviously really fascinating to me", he said. Again, I haven't read the article so I can't comment on that, but what you're asking me, to me the question is, why would you not want to play with LeBron? "He's a victor and he's an incredible player and he's unselfish".