China furious at Huawei executive's arrest in Canada


This November, New Zealand's government banned its major telecommunications company Spark from using Huawei's equipment, which is described to "have a serious national security risk". He noted that there has been much concern about the suspicion that Chinese firms like Huawei use stolen U.S. intellectual property.

The ministry said the USA is seeking her extradition and she faces a bail hearing on Friday, adding it could not provide further details due to a publication ban that was sought by Meng, whose father, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, is a former Chinese People's Liberation Army engineer. Trump and Xi had dined in Argentina on December 1 at the G20 summit.

For a period of time she was in charge of Huawei's internationalization efforts, which have been extremely successful, said Jiang.

Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, faces possible extradition to the United States, according to Canadian authorities.

She was arrested while changing flights on Saturday.

FILE - People walk past a sign board of Huawei at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Asia 2018 in Shanghai, China, June 14, 2018.

Neither the US nor Canada has provided an explanation for Meng's arrest, a spokesperson for China's ministry of foreign affairs said Thursday. "The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly protests over such kind of actions which seriously harmed the human rights of the victim", reads a statement released by the embassy.

The U.S. launched a criminal probe into Huawei's dealings in Iran in April.

She has held the positions of director of the worldwide accounting department, CFO of Huawei Hong Kong, and president of the accounting management department, according to the website. A spokesman for the US attorney's office in Brooklyn also declined to comment.

She faces extradition to the United States, and a bail hearing was set for Friday.

Annabel Yao, 20, Meng's half-sister, posed in front of a grand piano with her mother, identified by the magazine as Yao Ling, and Ren, who wore a blue shirt with his hand resting on his smiling daughter's shoulder.

Arthur Kroeber, founder of Gavekal Dragonomics, said it was unlikely that Beijing would retaliate against the local US business community, whose interests have partly overlapped with China's in the trade war and been a source of leverage for Beijing. "It's a possibility. China plays rough", Mulroney said.

Ren responded: "We must not bind ourselves up just because the attacking us".

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"The company believes the Canadian and USA legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion".

However, the topic ranked only 31st among trending items on Weibo as of Thursday afternoon, with many discussion threads apparently blocked, which is not unusual on China's heavily censored Internet.

The arrest follows a U.S.

Richard Kurland, a Vancouver-based immigration lawyer, said there was little chance Meng would be released from detention. -China relations, it was not clear if the timing was coincidental.

They urged him to keep Huawei off Canada's next- generation network.

In exchange, ZTE agreed to pay a hefty $1 billion fine and put an additional $400 million in escrow in case of future violations.

Reuters reported that the us has been investigating the tech giant for using the global banking system in an effort to evade Washington's sanctions targeting Iran.

"Americans are grateful that our Canadian partners have arrested the Chief Financial Officer of a giant Chinese telecom company for breaking US sanctions against Iran". Huawei was a pioneering supplier of telecom gear at a time when China was spending heavily to upgrade its networks, importing much of its equipment.

Ye Tan, an independent Chinese economist, said Meng's arrest could be used as a "bargaining chip" in the trade talks.

Several other past and present Skycom directors appear to have connections to Huawei.

He also responded to the idea that Meng could be found guilty in Canada for being in breach of sanctions the U.S. has imposed on Iran.

According to Huawei's website, Meng joined the company in 1993, obtained a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1998, and rose up the ranks over the years, mostly holding financial roles.