Cheetah Mobile Dismisses Importance of Google Removing Its App


After internal investigation, Google has reportedly confirmed that it has removed two of the apps from the list- CM File Manager and Kika Keyboard.

Specifically, what Flutter does is it enables developers to build "native" mobile apps for both mobile operating systems more quickly than they can use traditional platforms.

Google took action in response to these findings, ultimately suspending the apps CM File Manager and Kika Keyboard, which are associated with about 250 million downloads, from the Play Store.

The phenomenon, loosely termed as "click fraud", originates from the fee app developers pay to their partners. That said, Google's position as the creator of Android-and the developer of dozens of iOS apps-puts the company in a much better position to address the needs developers realistically face every day, compared to frameworks such as Apache Cordova.

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However, Google touts unique features of Flutter such as stateful hot reload, which allows developers to make changes to their apps and see those changes in real time, without having to completely restart the app.

The report said that during this process, the partners for a developer would include the network that created the app, and the platform through which the app was distributed. More specifically, it was alleged that the apps instituted click flooding and click injection while running, enabling them to "take credit" for new subsequent installs on the affected devices. Kika and Cheetah Mobile apps are developed by Chinese firms and are presently being used by millions of people monthly. A report last week claimed that Cheetah Mobile and an associated company called Kika Tech were engaged in some shady advertising practices, and now Google has responded.

Out of the list, Battery Doctor and CM Launcher apps were also removed by Cheetah Mobile last week itself.

"Hummingbird is a Web-based implementation of the Flutter runtime that takes advantage of the capability of the Dart platform to compile not just to native ARM code but also to JavaScript", Sneath said. TikTok got a shoutout for being the Most Entertaining App, and Unfold - Create Stories won the Best Hidden Gems title. If you're more into audiobooks, well, four out of five ebooks actually made it into this category as well, these are Google's top audiobooks choices for this year: 12 Rules for Life, Girl, Wash Your Face, Fear, Becoming, and The Outsider.