Post-apocalyptic Far Cry to be unveiled tomorrow


That said, it may not be your typical dusty post-apocalyptic setting, as it's hinted the new Far Cry will take place some time after the bombs drop, in a world where nature is once again flourishing.

The unnamed Far Cry game appears to carry on from the ending of Far Cry 5, which seen the world being destroyed by a nuclear explosion. However, given that the event doesn't start until tomorrow, the company has chose to publish a brief teaser trailer to get its fans hyped about what is clearly a new Far Cry title.

And then we get close-ups of a hand attaching a circular saw to a crossbow.

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Whatever the case, Ubisoft will be revealing its new Far Cry game at The Game Awards tomorrow night, 6th December. Because of this, it seems likely that whatever this new game is for will be an entirely separate experience rather than just DLC for FC5.

This year, rumors suggest we may see the trailer for a new Avengers game, in addition to sneak peeks at a few other highly-anticipated titles.

This will also be the first Far Cry game to be a direct sequel to the last. In the interim, Ubisoft has published a brief teaser giving us a glimpse of the game's post-apocalyptic theme. The announcement seems quite sudden, coming not even a year after Far Cry 5 hit stores.