PETA Asking People to Stop Using 'Anti-Animal Language'


The tweet led to outrage online, with Hannah Else believes that changing idioms is not the solution.

The animal rights group PETA is asking people to stop using common phrases like "bring home the bacon" and "beat a dead horse", because they are considered "anti-animal language". It included suggested replacement phrases for common phrases that the organization says are harmful. Our animal friends are unaware of these problems but thank goodness for their friends at Peta, who are feeding their fed horse in the name of false equality and seem unable to grasp the idea of a figure of speech.

If so, you better replace that with "bring home the bagels", according to animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), which compared animal-referencing idioms to homophobic and racist language. In place of taking "the bull by the horns", how about taking "the flower by the thorns?"

The suggestions didn't stop at bagels: PETA tweeted a chart of "anti-animal" phrases with possible correctives.

The tweets have received a huge amount of backlash, with more than 20,000 people replying, mostly criticising the organisation.

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Instead of: "Kill two birds with one stone".

Some pointed out that PETA probably has bigger fish to fry.oops.

Now, PETA is using those user-generated ideas as the inspiration for a new social media call for innovative suggestions.

In others words, the human species versus everyone else.