Google's chat plans: Kill Allo, upgrade Duo and invest in Messages


Users have the ability to export all of their Allo conversation history by entering the app's menu, then tapping Settings. Today, Google is confirming that in March 2019, Allo will no longer work. Google also at one point left some people wondering if Allo would be the intended successor to Google Hangouts' consumer usage, though of course that is being sunset, too. Moreover, the American-tech giant had also lost its Allo lead - Amit Fulay to Facebook earlier this year in January. Well, do you still use Google Allo service?

In summary, Google's messaging strategy is as follows: If you're a consumer, Android messages will support both Chat, an IP messaging. Users can find media from the app they already downloaded in the Google Allo folder within the Google Photos app. Google provides more information and instructions here.

Google has confirmed that Allo's shutdown date is set for March 2019, though a specific date has not been revealed.

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If you thought that Google's quagmire of instant messaging services was confusing, you're out to be even more confused. The company is well known for introducing (and killing) new messaging services every few years so we're not surprised to see the death of Allo, but we hope that Google can finally nail a single messaging app.

Allo was designed as the next big thing in Android messaging apps, though it never lived up to its potential. It does seem that Hangouts is being focused more on team collaboration rather than normal chat, and Messages may take over the latter objective.

As for Hangouts, the other unclear entry in Google's family of messaging apps, Google previously announced that it would "evolve" Hangouts into separate Hangout Chats and Hangouts Meet experiences for businesses. Until that happens, Google is apparently "fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime". These are just some of the new enterprise features coming for Google's G Suite customers, with more to come in the future.