Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 855 With 3x AI Performance


Google aren't at the Snapdragon Summit specifically, but the company has embraced Qualcomm's processing tech for the entire Pixel series so far. What we do know is that the 855 will probably power the bulk of next year's high-end smartphones (because what else would?).

Day one belonged to 5G, and rightly so.

We'll be bringing you more from Maui as we get it, but don't expect this to be the only announcement - Qualcomm may have a trick or two up its sleeve yet.

Along with Verizon, AT&T also served up 5G demonstrations, and BT Group in the United Kingdom and Telstra in Australia attended to talk about the coming rollout of 5G starting next year.

Qualcomm doesn't make phones itself so it needs partners willing to put its technology inside their devices.

Amon then welcomed Governor of Hawaii David Ige to the stage.

Qualcomm is betting big that 5G will jump start the saturated smartphone market.

Earlier this fall, AT&T teamed up with Samsung on the first 5G Innovation Zone to test business use cases for 5G.The goal is to use 5G to enable new capabilities with the Internet of Things (IoT) and to better understand the impact of 5G.

T-Mobile is also developing its 5G network with an estimated roll-out of 2020.

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As Qualcomm sees it, that means paving the way for more immersive extended reality (XR) experiences - that's virtual reality and augmented reality to you and I - along with new artificial intelligence (AI) products. 5G gains much from this legacy of innovation. Qualcomm employees from nearly every division - Engineering, R&D, Standards, Hardware - contributed to developing the technologies that make 5G possible.

With speeds of up to 1Gbps, 5G will allow users to download a full HD movie in around 40 seconds.

Samsung's Galaxy Android Pie update was officially scheduled for a roll-out in early 2019.

The handset was running on Verizon's 5G network (they set up the 28Ghz network especially using a mobile base station) while another device was streaming 4K video over 5G to a screen which it was connected to via the DeX dock and HDMI.

Service providers are working on 5G rollouts across the US. Even the way we communicate will be enhanced. You can also see that Samsung removed the blood vessels from the female's (who is the owner of the photo) eyes while also removing the gray hairs through image editing.

The company will launch its Snapdragon 855 this week and the Snapdragon X50 5G NR has been around for a few months.

Thanks to our committed team and breakthrough technologies - and the innovation from our worldwide ecosystem - 5G is here.

Apple, for its part, is taking its time with 5G adoption.