Chris Dawson's family 'disappointed' over arrest for murder of Lynette


It has not been determined whether they will fly out of the Brisbane or Gold Coast airport.

NSW Police confirmed the arrest of a 70-year-old man had taken place around 8am (AEST) on Wednesday in Queensland.

Mr Dawson appeared in the dock of the Southport Magistrates Court court on Wednesday wearing prison greens - a short-sleeved top, shorts and no shoes - as police applied to extradite him to NSW.

Detectives allege Mrs Dawson was having financial trouble when she disappeared and will argue that, because she had organised a family portrait and her children were due to return to school, she did not plan to disappear suddenly of her own accord.

On Wednesday the NSW police commissioner, Mick Fuller, said that investigation had uncovered "additional evidence" in the form of witnesses statements, which were provided to the Department of Public Prosecutions in April.

NSW police had amassed "an enormous amount of evidence".

Lyn Dawson was 33 years old when she vanished from her home in Sydney's northern beaches in January 1982, leaving behind two daughters.

The Gold Coast magistrate described the police case as "circumstantial" given Ms Dawson's body has never been found.

A search of the family's former home in Sydney earlier this year failed to turn up new evidence.

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She said her client had co-operated with detectives in the past and was happy to comply with any bail conditions imposed.

"We're certainly hoping an interview with this 70-year-old man who's now in custody in Queensland will assist us with the outcome of where the body may be".

"We won't give up on trying to identify the whereabouts of Lynette Dawson, but, from our perspective, it is not crucial to finalising the matter".

Mr Dawson, 70, was arrested at Biggera Waters by detectives from Queensland Police Service's Homicide Squad.

He was refused bail and extradition to NSW was granted. He's now expected to face a Parramatta court on Thursday.

The Australian today revealed key witnesses that form part of the police case include Curtis and a former northern beaches schoolgirl who kept diaries from the time she knew Curtis and Mr Dawson.

"Its taken a long haul but its going to be a very good Christmas for our side of the family knowing that we've finally got somewhere and we're going to find out what actually happened through the court system", he told the program.

Some of the additional material surfaced as a result of The Australian newspaper's investigative podcast The Teacher's Pet.

As fans of the podcast will know, her husband Chris, a former rugby player and PE teacher at a local high school has always been suspected of involvement.