George H.W. Bush's Service Dog Sully Remains by Casket


President George H.W. Bush, who died November 30, 2018 at the age of 94, had a flamboyant sense of good-humored style, at least when it came to his socks.

Also on Sunday, McGrath shared a photo of Bush's service dog Sully, lying in front of the president's casket. Bush defended his moderate credentials as a conservative wave cresting within the party was preparing to anoint his chief opponent at the time, Ronald Reagan.

Following the service at the National Cathedral, Bush will be flown to Houston on Wednesday with a scheduled arrival of around 4:30 p.m. CST. As President Donald Trump will not be utilizing the plane on Monday and Wednesday, the aircraft has been redesignated as 'Special Air Mission 41'. The 41st president died Friday at the age of 94.

Sully became the late president's service dog in June, a couple of months after former first lady Barbara Bush died. "Thank you for your service, Mr. President".

Sully will reportedly be traveling with the former President's casket on his flight to Washington, D.C. on Monday.

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Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan will attend the funeral, a spokeswoman confirmed.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is expected to deliver a eulogy at the funeral.

King is referring to a 1992 town hall-style presidential debate involving then-President Bush, a young Arkansas governor named Bill Clinton and billionaire businessman Ross Perot.

Fox News host Bret Baier tweeted: "That is just a great pic of Sully the service dog who served @GeorgeHWBush Wow".

"The nation mourns him not least because we no longer have a president who knows that the story of the nation is not all about him".