Onrush Headlines December 2018's PlayStation Plus Games


We're already at the final free PS+ games story for 2018; how quickly this year has come to a close!

As for what games could be free, it's potluck.

Just imagine a Nintendo Switch-style device with a high-capacity and high-speed game cartridge system, PS4-level internal hardware, and a lightning fast 5G connection for multiplayer gaming on the go or high-fidelity game streaming?

Another free game for PlayStation 4 is Onrush, a high-octane racing game focusing on crashing and ramming your way through the mountain or other cars as you are heading towards the finish line. Featuring rogue-like elements and near-infinite replayability, Steredenn is all about flying through space and upgrading your ship with tons of cool weapons.

Of the 20 games included on the PlayStation Classic, there are only a handful that are worth your time. The total value of all these games if you purchase them separately is $59.96. Iconoclasts is an action platformer that was released at the start of the year.

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The PlayStation Plus December 2018 lineup also includes: Steredenn (PS3), Steinsgate (PS3), Iconoclasts, (PS Vita, Cross Buy with PS4), and Papers, Please, (PS Vita).

Both Xbox and PlayStation gamers get access to multiple free games per month. Players take on the role of a border crossing immigration officer and must decide who is allowed to pass through between two warring countries.

Everything You Need to know about the Lineup Games. Yes, you heard me right: for the first time in over 20 years, Sony will be pulling out of the biggest event in the industry's calendar year.

LetsGoDigital, a popular gadget blog, revealed new images of the future Sony video games console, the PS5, which appears to be thinner than the PlayStation 4 Slim. Tell us in the comment section below.