Elon Musk Won't Smoke Weed on a Podcast Again


NASA on Thursday named nine US companies, including Lockheed Martin Corp, that will compete for funding under the space agency's renewed long-term moon program, a private-public undertaking to develop technology that will explore the lunar surface.

"I will tell you that was not helpful, and that did not inspire confidence, and the leaders of these organizations need to take that as an example of what to do when you lead an organization that's going to launch American astronauts", said Bridenstine.

The goal is to get science and technology experiments to the surface of the moon as soon as possible, and the first flight could be next year.

It's not yet clear what kind of instruments NASA hopes to send, though the first call for proposals should come out in the coming weeks or months.

Earlier this year, NASA cancelled its only robotic vehicle under development to explore the surface of the Moon, known as the Resource Prospector (RP) mission. "These missions pave the way for a human return to the moon, as well as enable human exploration of Mars and beyond".

Scientist-Astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt is photographed working beside a huge boulder at Station 6 during the third Apollo 17 extravehicular activity at the Taurus-Littrow lunar landing site, December 13, 1972.

"At the end of the decade, we envision a continuous presence of landers, rovers, and robots on the surface of the moon, but not necessarily humans", he added.

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The research will help get astronauts back to the moon more quickly and safely, according to NASA officials.

Thomas Zurbuchen is head of NASA's science mission directorate, which leads the new flight efforts.

"We are looking forward to higher-definition pictures to confirm this preliminary assessment", said Bruce Banerdt, principal investigator of InSight at NASA.

Mr Bridenstine said NASA would buy the service and let private industry work out the details on getting there.

When asked by The Atlantic about NASA's relationship with Musk, Bridenstine said that he had personally talked with Musk.

NASA Administrator James Bridenstine delivers remarks as he tours the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Monday, Aug. 13, 2018. SpaceX and Boeing are planning to start transporting astronauts to the space station sometime next year.

The number 7 was chosen for the new craft because Draper-guided spacecraft made six round trips to the moon between 1969 and 1972, during the Apollo program. As part of a push to continue American leadership in space, the Directive instructs NASA to develop a flexible deep space infrastructure to support the increasing complexity of missions. The company now subcontracts with other major contractors in the field of space exploration such as Lockheed Martin and NASA. The lander is created to explore under the surface, studying the geology of the planet and seeking signs of Martian earthquakes.