Amazon Web Services goes to space through Lockheed partnership


"AWS gives us an unmatched set of cloud services and a highly reliable infrastructure to work with as we continue to build solutions that provide borrowers and lenders with the best digital loan experiences".

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking to help the space industry lower the cost of transmitting satellite data back and forth from ground stations with two new products announced at re:Invent in Las Vegas yesterday.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), launched his company's latest service, AWS Ground Station. Add to this, costs involved in setting up servers, storage and networking in close proximity to these antennas. "You can lease them and pay for it by the minute", Jassy said.

"Today, we are giving satellite customers the ability to dynamically scale their ground station antenna use based on actual need".

The services will start with a network of 12 ground station antennae in AWS Regions (similar to data centres) around the world, enabling customers to download, process, store and analyse data. "We provide direct access to AWS services and AWS Global Infrastructure, including our low-latency, global fibre network right where your data is downloaded into our AWS Ground Station". For AWS customers in the government or regulated industries, this includes the AWS GovCloud and Secret Regions that carry the full range of data classifications, including Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret.

The bank is also preparing to use AWS's advanced machine learning technologies like Amazon SageMaker to automate tasks related to financial operations and use more analytics capabilities to gain insights into what customers want.

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They can then quickly combine the data with other AWS services to process and transport the data to keep up with the rapidly-evolving conditions.

It is partnering with several satellite companies including Spire Global, DigitalGlobe and BlackSky.

Using AWS Ground Station will allow us the flexibly to further scale our business quickly and focus on providing data and analytics that deliver insights into the parts of the world where collecting data is notoriously hard. AWS said these companies and many more are using AWS to drive cost savings, accelerate innovation, and speed up time-to-market. "Our collaboration with AWS allows us to deliver robust ground communications that will unlock new benefits for environmental research, scientific studies, security operations, and real-time news media".

AWS also launched AWS RoboMaker, a service that enables developers to develop, test and deploy robotics applications and build intelligent robotics functions using cloud services.

Lockheed Martin Verge is now available in private beta for customers with satellites that support S-band frequencies and can downlink in the Denver, Colorado area.