Government climate report warns of worsening U.S. disasters


The White House released an alarming climate change report on Black Friday, attempting to bury a 1,656-page government assessment that directly contradicts President Trump's history of climate change denial.

Last year, Trump announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Paris deal to combat climate change, becoming the first country of 200 to do so. "NASA has a good explanation of the difference between weather and climate on its website ― its website for children".

"Unlike President Trump, we trust the experts at NASA, the Department of Defense, and 10 other federal agencies who reviewed and endorsed this report", Keith Gaby, a senior communications director with the Environmental Defense Fund, said by email. It's fun. There are pictures. "Rapid intensification of storms is also more likely as the climate warms, even though there is also some historical evidence that the same conditions that lead to this intensification also act to weaken hurricane intensity near the US coast, but it is unclear whether this relationship will continue as the climate warms further", the report said.

See his full takedown in the clip above.

The Congressionally-mandated report, written with the help of more than a dozen US government agencies and departments, outlined the projected impacts of global warming in every corner of American society, in a dire warning at odds with the Trump administration's pro-fossil fuels agenda. Regardless of how blasé Trump was about a report that basically portends widespread chaos, destruction, and economic distress for the country, his reaction is pretty damn believable.

A chapter focusing on the transportation sector noted that in 2016 it became the top contributor to US greenhouse gas emissions.

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Natural disasters will become more frequent as a outcome of climate change, the United States government has warned.

Climate change will diminish water supplies and agricultural output in Arizona and increase wildfires and health risks in the state, according to a wide-ranging new federal report. (Let the record again show that the report was composed by his own administration.) And it wasn't even the only climate report his administration released on November 23.

The report goes on to detail the economic impact of climate change (hundreds of billions lost, with farms being hardest hit) and the physical toll it could take on our collective health, as factors like air quality, disease transmission by insects, food and water will 'increasingly threaten the health and well-being of the American people'. It says the report was largely based on "the most extreme scenario" and fails to consider new technology and other actions that could reduce carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.

"All the proposals I've seen so far that would address any of these issues would devastate the US economy and have little or no benefit that is demonstrable from our standpoint", he said.

The Associated Press and VOA News reported this story.

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