Woman abuses flight crew for denying her alcohol


The incident took place on November 10 on Air India flight AI 131 and the passenger, who was travelling business class, was arrested later at Heathrow airport in London.

In an apparent response to being told by the flight crew that the police would be informed about her behaviour once the plane landed in London, she retorted saying "You think I am scared?".

In the video, O'Broin - also known as Burns - can be hear berating staff how they're treating "business class passengers like that, who are worldwide criminal lawyers for the Palestinian people".

She says to one of the crew members that she will "p*** on them" in court and she called one of the female staff an "Indian f***ing money-grabbing b*****d". Noticing the state of the woman, the commander instructed the crew to stop serving her liquor. In a video, which surfaced on social media following the incident, showed the passenger whining and using the most offensive language at the crew.

Have checked with multiple Air India people and all have said she is Irish, even if her accent looks British.

After the crew denied her more alcohol, she said that she is a human rights lawyer, an worldwide criminal lawyer.

She yells: "You treat business class passengers like that?" But you won't give me a glass of wine. She then threatened to push over the dessert trolley.

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She said, "I'm working for all your people".

Earlier, Air India was in the headlines when a pilot of the airline failed to pass the pre-flight alcohol test.

Dealing with unruly passengers and the tantrums that come along, can be one of the toughest situations faced by a flight crew.

The woman was arrested after the flight touched down at Heathrow airport in London.

'She was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order, common assault and drunk and disorderly and taken to a west London police station.

Police additionally confirmed the woman was "released under investigation". "You'll be f--ing shot".