Trump Thanks Rubio For Exposing Broward 'Election Theft'


The Florida secretary of state is Ken Detzner, a Republican appointed by Scott. In 2014, Brenda Snipes' fellow Democrats accused her of individual and systemic breakdowns that made it hard for voters to cast regular ballots.

In the complaint, his attorney wrote that by rejecting and discarding ballots with signature mismatches, the local canvassing boards are disenfranchising the voters who cast them. "Mayor Gillum started his campaign for the people, and we are committed to ensuring every single vote in Florida is counted".

"FDLE is working with the Department of State and we will investigate any allegations of criminal activity or fraud", FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger told TPM.

The tabulation of those votes will continue to narrow Scott's razor-thin lead over Nelson, Elias predicted.

Elections where the margin of victory is at or below 0.5 percent must undergo a machine recount under Florida law.

Scott says "unethical liberals" are trying to steal the election.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has pushed for a recount given that he trails Scott by such a slim margin.

Scott appeared on Sean Hannity's show on Fox Thursday night. Nelson's lawyer called that race a "jump ball".

"Meantime the meeting taking place inside the the Broward County Supervisor of Elections building is straight out of 2000 as officials pore over individual ballots and bubbles versus check marks", reported CNN's Jessica Dean.

He said Thursday morning, the number went up to 695,700 ballots.

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On Friday, Nelson lawyer Marc Elias shot back at Scott on a conference call with reporters, saying, "Just look at the behavior of your governor".

Under Florida law, absentee and provisional ballots are only counted if the signatures on them match the signatures that elections offices have on record.

Though outgoing Governor Rick Scott claimed victory over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson on Tuesday, a statewide vote recount has now been triggered.

Nikki Fried leads Matt Caldwell by just 575 votes, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

Most of the focus had turned to Broward County, a Democratic South Florida stronghold that - mysteriously, according to critics - was still adding up early voting and mail-in ballots Thursday. "But you know what?"

"The goal here is to see that all the votes in Florida are counted and counted accurately", McLaughlin said in a statement. Every vote that was legally and verifiably cast prior to the polls closing at 7 p.m. on Tuesday should of course be counted.

President Donald Trump suggested Friday that the federal government could play a role in a possible recount of Florida's close Senate and gubernatorial races.

Mr Gillum conceded, and many news organisations called the race for Mr DeSantis.

Mr DeSantis is now leading by 36,000 votes.

Remember Tuesday night when Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor of the state of Florida conceded to the appearance of the race GOP nominee Ron DeSanis.