Never too early to get your flu shot, says health unit


Darrell Gale, East Sussex Director of Public Health, said: "Flu is a very unpleasant illness and vaccination is particularly important for people at increased risk of the effects of the disease".

Symptoms of flu, which is spread by coughs and sneezes or touching surfaces on which germs have landed, include fever, chills, headaches, aches and pains in joints and muscles and extreme tiredness.

Health professionals urge people to get vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend shots for everyone over the age of six months. There have been two deaths due to the influenza virus and levels of hospitalizations are within expected numbers, according to the California Department of Public Health's report through Oct 14 to 20.

"When we each get vaccinated, we boost our own immunity and reduce our own risk of getting the flu", Basta said. Flu vaccine is especially important for people with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, young children, and people older than 65.

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FRIDAY, Nov. 9, 2018 (American Heart Association) - Getting the flu may not only make you feel crummy, it also might land you in the hospital for heart problems.

"Keep in mind the people that do have [allergies to the shot] should receive the flu vaccine in their doctor's office and not a drug store, that way they can be monitored for any reactions", said Kearah Cenotti, medical assistant at Kaiser Permanente Martinez Medical Center. "Only the flu shot will be given". Even healthy people can become sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time, or even be hospitalized. Kevin Legge, a U-I pathology professor, says they're working in stages and are trying to ideal a multi-year flu shot first. Flu shots are available at no cost with no co-pay through most healthcare providers and public health insurances.

Wash your hands frequently.

Many misconceptions about the flu vaccine linger. By protecting yourself against influenza, you are also protecting your family, your household, your workplace and ultimately your community.