Microsoft Quickly Fixes Windows 10 Activation Issue


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Microsoft would dearly like the last remaining Windows 10 Mobile users to disappear, and they are doing everything they can to encourage them to move to a different mobile platform. Thing is, going to the Store apparently has no effect. However, several Insiders have also reported of similar deactivations indicating that this could be a problem at Microsoft's end.

"Alexa on your PC even makes it easy to control your smart home from anywhere just by using your voice". A Reddit user said that upon restarting the PC, the license got converted to Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops so clearly there's something wrong with Microsoft's activation servers.

To reactivate their installations and to get rid of the un-activated copy of Windows watermark, users may need to re-run Windows Activation once the licensing server problem has been sorted out.

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Following investigation into the issue, Microsoft's Jeff Jones issued a statement to press: 'A limited number of customers experienced an activation issue that our engineers have now addressed, ' he claimed early this morning.

The activation glitch is the latest in a string of issues affecting Microsoft's operating system, including file-deleting bugs which have seen the Windows 10 October 2018 Update pulled and its re-release delayed seemingly indefinitely - bad news for owners of Nvidia's shiny new GeForce RTX graphics cards, which rely on the DirectX Raytracing functionality included in the October 2018 Update to unlock the full functionality of their new GPUs. Hopefully nobody affected by this actually went out and purchased a Windows 10 Pro license as a result, or downgraded to Windows 10 Home-we haven't heard of any cases where that has happened.

The image above, from user FaiKee on Twitter, shows the issue that some users are facing with the activation of their install. If needed, you can try your luck with Microsoft Support to see if they can issue a replacement Pro key but it shouldn't take long before Microsoft corrects the error.