Google to overhaul sexual harassment policies following employee walkout


Alphabet Inc.'s Google said Thursday it would make changes to how it handles sexual harassment claims, a week after thousands of its employees around the world walked off their jobs to protest its response to such issues.

The three-page file talks about the new steps taken by Google to add "more transparency on how we (Google) handle concerns". (He does not address discrimination claims.) The company will also begin providing more detailed information about the process and outcomes in sexual harassment investigations.

Updates and expansion of Google's mandatory sexual harassment training.

In an unsigned letter, Google protesters demanded an end to forced arbitration in harassment and discrimination cases, which required employees to forfeit their right to sue and typically included a confidentiality agreement.

Some teams had imposed "two-drink limits", he said, while others had introduced a ticketing system to stop alcohol flowing freely.

But the Tech Workers Coalition, which backed last week's action, said the measures did not go almost far enough, particularly where it related to contractors who worked with the firm.

The company also promised to "recommit" to improving workplace diversity through hiring, retention, and career advancement'.

The protest's organizers estimated about 17,000 workers participated in the walkout.

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Google has also asked team leaders to check on the alcohol consumption at company events. New Google employees (Nooglers) will also get an extra dose of education on the subject.

But the group said that, although it "commended" the process, some concerns had been ignored - such as their demand for a employee representative to be put on the board.

"Last year, we published our harassment policy - - because we believe that the more companies are open about their policies, the more we can all learn from one another".

Google will investigate complaints made by its contractors against employees and require that suppliers investigate complaints against contractors, the company said.

Demma Rodriguez, head of equity engineering and a seven-year Google employee, said during the walkout that it was an important part of bringing fairness to the technology colossus.

"We demand a truly equitable culture, and Google leadership can achieve this by putting employee representation on the board and giving full rights and protections to contract workers, our most vulnerable workers, many of whom are Black and Brown women", CNBC quoted Google employee Stephanie Parker as saying in that statement.

Google is facing backlash over its handling of sexual misconduct cases at the workplace which is why many of its employees, mostly women, across the globe staged a protest by walking out of their offices.