Red Dead Redemption 2 Missing Character Bug is Getting Fixed Soon


Rockstar is now working to fix a known glitch in Red Dead Redemption 2 that's causing certain companions to disappear from camp during the main story's early chapters. These are now the only ways to avoid encountering the glitch. It's not game-breaking, but it is annoying.

If you completed the mission "Polite Society, Valentine Style" at the start of Chapter 2, but needed to use the Retry Checkpoint feature, then Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail will only appear in camp when they have missions for you to complete. The bug occurs after completion of Chapter 2's "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission. This means that these gamers will miss out on several side conversations with these characters. If you fail the mission, make sure you immediately abandon and restart it, or load an earlier save. Hopefully, those electing to do this do not lose a lot of progression, but there is some good news. All Companions will return to the Camp at the beginning of Chapter 4.

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The developer notes a permanent fix is in the works and will be included in a future patch, though it didn't provide a timeframe for the update.

Red Dead Redemption II players have been venting their anger by sending a real person named Colm O' Driscoll hate messages online. For the most part, these glitches don't take away from the experience of the western action-adventure title, and for some, it defines the experience. To answer the question, popular video game mythbuster and content creator DefendTheHouse followed a few Red Dead Redemption 2 NPCs for an entire day, and came to some interesting conclusions.