Files Go gets rebranded 'Files by Google' with new UI


It turns out it's something as easy as switching to dark mode whenever possible.

As seen in the first example: Night Mode can be a big help to reduce power consumption on devices with OLED displays but isnt as likely to have such a positive effect with LCD displays since all the pixels on an LCD panel are lit from the same source, meanwhile, OLED panels pixels are self-illuminated. The screen has to be an OLED one. While white uses up the most power, black used up the least amount. Keep in mind that the original Pixel features an OLED display, while the iPhone 7 features an LCD panel. That not only saves battery life, it means that the contrast is sharper when reading text on a black background with an AMOLED screen.

Google also suggested the developers to add a Dark Mode to their application as they will be able to save the battery life on the device and a chart was also displayed by Google at the event that showed at 50 percent screen brightness using a Pixel device.

During its Android Dev Summit, Google confirmed that dark mode puts significantly less strain on the battery than any other color, particularly white.

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Dark mode draws 43% lesser power at full brightness compared to "normal mode" in the YouTube app, according to Business Insider. For those unfamiliar with Dark Mode, this UI setting flips the usual screen set up of dark text on a white background to white text on a dark background.

If you don't already have the app, you can download Files by Google free of charge from the Play Store. But it is trying to help save eyes and battery life by offering Dark Modes on many of its apps, and that trend will continue.

"Google revealed a bit of information on how your smartphone spends its battery life".