Jose Mourinho slams Man City on alleged FFP breaches


Of course we want to follow the rules, from UEFA and Federation Internationale de Football Association and the Premier League. At the time of the email, France legend Michel Platini was Uefa president. The club have also been cited in several Financial Fair Play allegations which Guardiola was asked about in yesterday's press conference ahead of the Champions League game against Shakhtar Donetsk, saying: "What I can say personally is of course I trust a lot with the club and what they have done".

"Believe me, I'm completely honest, I don't know what happened, I'm a manager, focused on the pitch, and the locker room. After we have three or four days to think about United".

That is the strong and unequivocal message coming out of La Liga following the allegations made against the Premier League champions.

'If you want to buy your way into football heaven, you can't let a few rules get in the way'.

As the leaks continue to emerge, the Spanish top flight, La Liga, have urged UEFA to take action against Manchester City as well as fellow Abu Dhabi owned club PSG, and have warned that they could take it to the European Union courts.

Italian manager Roberto Mancini was sacked in 2013, just after City had failed to defend their first Premier League title and lost the FA Cup final.

In the latest allegations to plunge City into turmoil, it is alleged a risk analysis regarding a possible deal with Arabtec was carried out by executives but that, despite the report concluding a partnership with the company would have "significant potential to damage the perception and standing of the club and its owners", the club struck an agreement regardless.

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Since Man City was bought with Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth in 2008, a team long in the shadows of more glamorous Manchester United has overtaken its rival on the field. I'm sure you're not going to say I do not work on that because you say the opposite!

"We will need to fight this", Soriano wrote, according to the magazine, "and do it in a way that is not visible, or we will be pointed out as the global enemies of football".

The emails appear to suggest that in 2012 the club investigated avenues to avoid non-compliance of impending FFP rules under of a project known internally as "Longbow".

City CEO Ferran Soriano complained in one memo that ECA members were pushing for the UEFA rules - which many thought could curb the rise of Man City and Qatari-owned Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG have already launched an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against UEFA's re-opened financial fair play investigation. It was supposedly used as a vehicle to disguise payments to players for the right to use their image in marketing campaigns.

"This was a very good deal for MCFC", a PwC analyst, said, according to Der Spiegel.