Google has a fix in the works for Pixel 3's memory crashes


The issue has been persisting for a few months and even Google's new flagships are affected by it as some Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users have complained about the problem on the official forums. But the big story with the updated Pixels isn't necessarily their looks - it's what you can do with the new phones. People have also been criticizing the notch which honestly is too big by today's standards but let us ignore that for now and focus on what makes the Pixel 3 XL the flawless Android smartphone.

While Mi A2 users will receive an update notification, you can also go to the "Settings" of your smartphone and tap on "System".

It's the third year of Google's initiative on hardware and while some its hardware categories are actually performing quite well compared with the competition, it's success in the smartphone category particularly with respect to hardware still has to catch up to its Google's name in innovation. Google has made extensive modifications to Chrome OS to make it more tablet friendly, but you can also plug in a keyboard and use it as a traditional Chromebook.

Another feature, Night Sight, promises to help you take better pictures when the lights are low. Several users cited that running certain apps such as music apps and opening Pixel 3's camera in between caused some devices to "force" stop the background apps.

Were you one of the lucky ones? So that means you can expect to have it posted through your letterbox around November 22. You can access Google Camera from the app drawer.

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Google doesn't limit the Pixel's smarts to just taking better photos.

Night Sight is one such software feature of Pixel 3 that has completely changed the game. The advantage to this? And you really can't blame them. If not, a handy button lets you mark the call as spam.

The easiest way to earn free Play Store credit is via the Google Opinion Rewards app, which comes pre-installed on many Android devices.

In October Google fixed the fast and wireless charging problems, and the stability in Android Auto. If you still use one, time to flash a ROM that still gets constant updates. The issue is based on memory management which reportedly pushing background apps to close prematurely.