On the line: Trump, Democrats battle in campaign's final day


President Donald Trump shrugged off the prospect of Democrats going after his tax returns if the party wins control of the House in this week's midterm contests, suggesting Monday he was unbothered by a protracted fight over his financial documents. And only twice in the past eight decades has the president's party picked up House seats in the midterms.

All 40 House seats and half the 20-member Senate are up for election this year. But for the first time since the early-morning hours of November 9, 2016, the Democrats have something to cheer about. However, the truly interesting races will be in the so-called upper chamber of Congress, the Senate.

The comments marked the starkest indication that Trump has grown less optimistic about the GOP's chances of retaining control of the House, where Republicans face greater headwinds than in the Senate.

There are a few races that look to be especially captivating.

Republican Mike Braun opened an early lead in the crucial Senate showdown in IN with incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly, but the race was too close to call with just 9 per cent of the votes in. Loves his Country and his State.

Trump spent his final hours on the trail Monday in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri, where his rhetoric on illegal immigration turned harsh and he lobbed attacks at Democrats. He has a narrower, 4-point lead over Scott in the new NBC News/Marist poll. Republicans retained control of the Senate.

If Cruz was to lose, it would be one of the biggest political upsets of this generation.

Numerous most competitive races for the House of Representatives will be fought in the suburbs, where anecdotally we have been hearing that white married women could be moving away from the GOP.

Election officials say 34.3 million people have already voted and the real number is probably higher, according to the US Elections Project, a University of Florida-based information source.

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Efforts are being made across the country to get people out to vote, with businesses like Walmart, LeviStrauss and PayPal among almost 150 companies signing up the Make Time to Vote campaign.

Perhaps the most striking finding of the poll is that 43% of American mid-term voters named healthcare as the top issue for them.

Winning control of the Senate is a much tougher ask.

"I can't speak to the blue, but I can speak to the red", Trump said earlier of Democrats and Republicans. This is someone the president went in and closed the deal for last night. And even in the 8 p.m. hour, with many races too close or too early to call, some pundits were already talking about how Nancy Pelosi's troops could make life hard for the administration with a blizzard of investigations and subpoenas. Bob Menendez, the incumbent, is a Democrat and a politician for the last 44 years. And because so many people vote early, they are incomplete. However, Menendez has faced scandals lately.

The case ended up with a hung jury and a mistrial and the charges were dropped. His challenger, Bob Hugin, is a former banker and business executive. If that's what voters are thinking about, it's an indication that Democrats accurately had the pulse of the electorate.

The race gained national attention largely because Douglas was widely presumed to be the Democrats' next presidential nominee, and he was.

"Keep your eye on Jeff Flake". As a result, Flake chose not to run for re-election and now the race between two female candidates is very close. Pinellas County Democrats joined forces to cross campaign with Congressman Charlie Crist, Attorney General candidate Sean Shaw, Florida House District 69 candidate Jennifer Webb and Senate District 24 candidate Lindsay Cross. The president has been ever-present in news coverage, holding numerous impromptu press sessions and formal interviews and criss-crossing the USA, sometimes appearing at multiple rallies in the same day. The GOP's grip on high-profile governorships in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin were at risk as well. Currently, Republicans hold 51 out of 100 seats.

As polling stations opened at 6:00 AM (1100 GMT) on the East Coast, Republicans were keenly aware that losing their majority will hamstring his divisive, nativist political agenda over the next two years.

Ellen R. Wald, Ph.D.is a historian and author of "Saudi, Inc".