Florida teen charged with killing mother, burying her body over poor grade


Authorities say a 15-year-old Florida boy strangled his mother after getting into an argument over a bad grade he received.

The attack took place early Friday morning after Cleavenger called her husband - the boy's stepfather - who was on a business trip in Washington State, and informed him about her son's D grade and the subsequent argument, according to police. After killing her, authorities say Ramos called two school friends, who allegedly helped him bury his mom, Gail Cleavenger, in a fire pit near a church.

Sgt. A.J. Pagliari, with the Sheriff's Major Case Unit, said at a press conference that the teen confessed to the crime after his two friends came clean, which led to them being charged with accessory to first-degree murder. Deputies also have Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, both 17, in custody and they are facing several criminal charges.

Chitwood said investigators spent hours talking with the teen, as he told them his mother was killed in a burglary. Around midnight, he sneaked into his mom's bedroom and choked her, police said.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood minced no words.

Police responded to reports of the burglary at the home on Friday afternoon.

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After burying the body eight inches deep, Ramos returned home and went to school, but left early in order to establish his alibi.

But Chitwood said detectives suspected the story from the start and brought Ramos in for questioning.

Friends say his mother was a loving woman whose last post on Facebook was a photo of her son when he was 6.

The mother's body was located at the fire pit at River City Church by police on Saturday morning after the teen confessed, the press release stated.

"To watch how cold and callous and calculating he was, I think was probably the most shocking thing for all of us", Chitwood said. "He wanted me to go to the crime scene and admire his work".

"The deputies and detectives who worked through the night and into the morning gave this case absolutely everything they had, and I hope the family knows that Gail has all of us fighting for justice for her", Chitwood said.