The First Foldable Smartphone is Here & It Isn't Samsung


Samsung's foldable phone was previously also rumoured to be called as Galaxy X suggesting that Galaxy S10 and the foldable phone could be the same device.

Unofficially, it's believed that Samsung will show off a foldable device at its Developer Conference later this week with a 7.3-inch OLED display primary display on the inside with a 4.6-inch OLED display on the exterior.

Samsung needs to get the foldable phone right - hoping it will reverse steep declines in profit for its mobile division and restore some of the premium cachet its brand has lost to Apple Inc.

The flip phones of the early 2000s may be making a comeback next year, but instead of a small screen and physical keyboard, the new iteration will have a foldable display that opens up to a screen size similar to that of a small tablet. It said it will start filling orders from late December, although little is known about the firm's projected sales.

Now it looks like Samsung is hinting that it will reveal the new bendable phone at its developer conference which kicks off this Wednesday November 7.

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Samsung is going to be very busy in the coming time. However, there are reports that Huawei is aiming to beat Samsung here by delivering its foldable phone first. The report further claims that the Korean company will mass produce an approximate 1000,000 units of the flexible display, starting this month.

Research firm Strategy Analytics forecast in May global sales of just 1.2 million foldable phones next year though should soar to about 64.9 million phones in 2023.

The upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung will likely run Android operating system.

On Sunday, the company took to Facebook to share a not-so-subtle teaser that it's preparing to release a foldable smartphone.