Trump Preps Election Day Spin: We Saved The Senate!


Polling indicates that the Republicans will keep their majority in the Senate, while Democrats will win a majority in the House of Representatives.

"It will be a very exciting five days", Trump said at the White House before departing on the Marine One helicopter. Both are in close - and at times nasty - races against Democrats Richard Ojeda and incumbent Sen. If Republicans win both Houses, there will be more conservative judicial appointments, an attempt at repealing Obamacare (which they tried to do a year ago, unsuccessfully), and unless something egregious occurs or is revealed, Mr. Trump is highly unlikely to get impeached.

Trump, Knight and Vice President Mike Pence will be stumping Friday for Republican Mike Braun, who is running against Sen.

"This is a sickening ad. Republicans everywhere should denounce it", said Republican senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a frequent critic of Mr Trump.

But a win is not necessarily in the bag, he cautioned.

Scalded by the surprise of 2016, the American media are more cautious and avoid any definitive prediction from the polls that give an advantage to the Democrats for the lower house of Congress. It's a common tactic for candidates, but it's reached unusual levels this year.

In Clark County and Las Vegas, Democrats had 45 percent of the turnout to Republicans 34 percent. But this year Democrats look to be "at least as enthusiastic about voting as Republicans are, if not more so".

"Joe will never be with us", Trump said.

The governor's mansion also is up for grabs and two key open House seats now held by Democrats are considered toss-ups. In both cases, the gains weren't particularly large.

Republicans now fear some of their voters are losing enthusiasm a week away from midterm elections that will determine control of Congress.

Republicans outpaced Democrats in all other counties.

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Republicans are favoured to retain control of the Senate, whose powers include confirming Trump's nominations to lifetime seats on the Supreme Court. A "blue wave" at the polls could change the shape of the immigration debate.

Trump's best chance for getting a border wall appropriation may be during the lame duck session after the election, especially if Democrats are set to take over in January.

One said the ad represented "almost full-blown fascism" while another suggested it was something that could have been tweeted "by a far-right, neo-Nazi group".

Representative Ted Lieu, a Democrat, said earlier this week that his party would launch an investigation into what he described as Trump's fast and loose use of his cell phone. "The Democrats - and it could happen".

The issue is now grabbing global headlines, as a migrant caravan of thousands is heading through Mexico toward the United States.

The campaigning comes one week after a gunman, who allegedly hated immigrants and Jews, killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and after a fanatical Trump supporter was arrested in Florida on charges of mailing homemade bombs to more than a dozen Trump opponents, including Obama.

That's why Sunday's rally in Gary, a city that has more in common with the Democratic stronghold of nearby Chicago than deep red parts of the state, could prove strategic.

While Donnelly has sought to highlight his cooperation with Trump on issues such as immigration, he voted against last year's tax cuts and this year voted against Trump's choice of Brett Kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. We're not going to put up with that.

The run-up to the election, widely seen as a referendum on Mr. Trump's divisive persona and hard-line policy agenda, has revealed deep strains in the president's political coalition and left him confined to campaign in a narrow band of conservative communities.

"So I suspect he thinks of (his stance on immigration) as his greatest hit, and an approach that can help Republicans in advance of next week's elections", Galdieri added.