Trump says he’ll meet China’s Xi at G-20 meeting


As reported by our site with reference to Voice of America, this statement was made by the President during a conference at the White house. But Kudlow cautioned that Trump would "aggressively" pursue his agenda against China, if no deals were reached on intellectual property theft, cybersecurity and tariffs on commodities, among other issues.

The United States has slapped tariffs on over $250 billion of Chinese exports this year and is threatening more.

Earlier on Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told a group of visiting USA politicians that China and the United States could overcome their differences and get relations back on track if they worked together in a spirit of mutual respect.

It comes ahead of a key meeting between Mr Trump and China's President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit this month.

USA president Donald Trump said on Friday that he will likely make a deal with China on trade, adding that a lot of progress had been made to resolve the two countries' differences but warning that he still may impose more tariffs on Chinese goods.

He has also threatened to impose tariffs on a further $267bn worth of Chinese goods. Trump's comments came a day after a phone call with Xi that he described as "very good.".

President Donald Trump's newfound zeal to resolve his trade war with China risks hitting some familiar obstacles, including himself.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China was probably Washington's biggest long term security challenge and the United States was engaged in a "multi-pronged convince China to behave like a normal nation on commerce " and respect global law.

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"Hence the next four weeks between the United States midterm elections and the G20 meeting in Argentina on 30 November will be important to see how things progress". At a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri, he added: "They want to make a deal".

President Trump on Friday signaled the getting closer to a trade deal with China.

"President Xi Jinping also stressed that China-U.S. trade has always been serving as ballast and a stabilizer for China-US relations".

"Dollar moderation, the stabilising trade relationship between U.S. and China and more stimulus from Beijing will be the key ingredients to revive market confidence in Asia".

Trump told reporters before leaving the White House that the USA is "close to doing something" with China to ease the ongoing trade war between the two countries.

Investor optimism does not seem to based on reality: In this news clip, CNBC cites a "White House senior official" who says there is still a "long way to go for a U.S".

"At best, the parties are negotiating about negotiating and we are still miles from a deal", Boltansky said. On Thursday, the U.S. accused a Chinese SOE of conspiring to steal trade secrets of USA chip maker Micron Technology as part of a United States justice department crackdown against China in cases of suspected economic espionage.