FBI says suspicious parcel was addressed to CNN in Atlanta


Jeff Zucker revealed the package had been intercepted in an Atlanta post office, adding all staff are safe. The package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, who has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump. We don't know to whom it was addressed to at this point.

Police were called at 9.38am to reports of a suspect package at an Atlanta post office. The Time Warner Center in NY, where CNN's NY operation is located, was evacuated on Wednesday after a suspicious package turned up there.

He is accused of sending bubble-wrapped manila envelopes to Democrats such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Zucker says all mail to CNN has been screened offsite since last week, when a series of package bombs began appearing around the country.

"Investigators are also analyzing Sayoc's impounded van in which he lived and allegedly built the pipe bombs because it contains a trove of valuable evidence, from explosive-device materials to credit-card receipts".

Sayoc, 56, is due to appear in federal court Monday afternoon for a hearing in Florida.

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The news network said FBI is investigating the package.

On Monday, following the interception of the suspicious package in Atlanta, Zucker said the same protocol would have applied in that incident. Despite Sayoc's arrest, the authorities have warned that there may be other packages that were still working their way through the postal system.

Brooklyn-born Sayoc is being prosecuted in NY, so his Florida hearing will likely be brief and process-oriented.

Authorities say Sayoc faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Cesar Sayoc Jr. was captured and identified as the suspect who sent over a dozen pipe bombs to prominent Democratic leaders, liberal activists and CNN offices last week. The main issue will be whether he waives extradition to NY and whether he seeks release on bail.