Samsung testing two foldable smartphones, working on special Android OS version


Some worrying news for fans of the headphone jack: Samsung is reportedly "toying" with the idea of an S10 without the 3.5mm audio input connector.

Samsung is also apparently preparing to allow the Galaxy S10 to support 5G wireless connectivity, and while you may not be able to make the most of that feature at launch, it will help future-proof the device.

While Samsung already has a line-up of cheaper "A" models, the move signals the company shares Apple's concern over Chinese rivals such as Huawei Technologies Co. and Oppo that continue to win customers by offering premium models at lower prices. The model could replace Samsung's existing Galaxy A lineup altogether as it hopes to win consumers with the pull of Galaxy S branding. But looking back further to the early days of Samsung's smartphone efforts, the company also has the iPhone to thank for the success of its own smartphone business.

To the surprise of a select few, the Samsung Galaxy S10 had a bit of a leak today.

The report notes that the standard Galaxy S10, which is codenamed "Beyond", features a curved "Edge" OLED screen just like its predecessor.

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"We're continually evolving our smartphone portfolio to provide our customers with new and exciting innovations and experiences. Please stay tuned", Samsung told Bloomberg in a statement. But if the above tidbit is correct, it means Samsung hasn't decided on the most basic and fundamental design trait of the foldable phone.

A report from the Wall Street Journal in July said Samsung is developing a device, codenamed 'Winner, ' here the screen can be folded in half like a wallet. The company's designers are reportedly leaning toward the taller portrait model so it's easier to hold in one hand. The prototype design could be similar to Motorola Razr phone with the screen opening with a snap.

Bloomberg reports that due to technical difficulties, the foldable-display device might not feature a fingerprint sensor. The report claims that the display is coated with a film that "feels like ones used in photography instead of glass". Mass production of the devices is still a question.

This all comes weeks after Google announced and released the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the current cream of the Android phone crop.

Samsung has tested the phone's folding mechanism more than 200,000 times, meaning it has passed the threshold for durability, according to Bloomberg.