McLaren’s $2.25 million Speedtail hybrid boasts 250MPH speeds


But what really made it unique was its three-across seating arrangement, with the driver placed in the center.

Speedtail has three digital screens on the dash for instruments with the speedometer directly behind the steering wheel. The small video cameras that are used in place of side mirrors - video images are displayed on two screens inside the vehicle - largely eliminate the aerodynamic drag mirrors can cause.

Expect no two cars to be the same, given the full gamut of McLaren Special Operations (MSO) personalisation options will be offered.

The Woking team is being deliberately tight-lipped about the hybrid system that sits beneath the Speedtail's teardrop-shaped exoskeleton, however McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt did reveal a small morsel of tantalising information. In terms of drag efficiency, it's the slipperiest McLaren ever - something you can well believe when stood next to it. Its hybrid powertrain puts out over 1,000 horsepower.

However, that all changes with the reveal of the McLaren Speedtail. Powered by a hybrid powertrain of electric and petrol engines, the vehicle can produce 1,050 horsepower and accelerate to a top speed of 250 miles per hour in high-speed mode, with a 0-186 miles per hour time of only 12.8 seconds. The Speedtail can achieve the highest maximum speed of any McLaren to date, reaching 250mph, yet will also deliver an unprecedented blend of contemporary craftsmanship, materials innovation and bespoke personalization. The body is carbon fiber, the suspension is aluminum and the brakes are carbon ceramic. For vehicle lovers, that money is entirely well spent however, and will certainly feel it thanks to a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain capable of achieving over 243mph.

The Speedtail's body is nearly 17 feet long, almost as long as a Mercedes-Benz S-class full-sized sedan.

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Among the otherworldly details of the auto: The windshield is made of electrochromic glass that can be darkened at the touch of a button, so there are no sun visors. McLaren even sourced lightweight leather. A bespoke P-ZERO tire designed for the Speedtail's extreme speed has been developed with McLaren technology partner, Pirelli.

Being a McLaren, there's space for luggage fore and aft, though odd to think of a 250-mph auto hauling suitcases.

The Speedtail will feature a center-positioned driver's seat.

Only 106 Speedtails will be produced, and they're all spoken for, at a price of 1.75 million pounds, or $2.24 million at current exchange rates.

With no left-hand drive configuration (or right-hand drive for that matter), it remains unclear if a one percenter with discerning taste could bring a Speedtail to Australian roads in the future.