Google sacks 48 people over sexual misconduct claims


Apart from the sexual harassment allegations by the Google employee, his former wife also filed a lawsuit against the millionaire in August. When Google investigated the claim and found it credible, it had accepted Singhal's resignation instead of firing him.

The email came in response to a New York Times report on Thursday which said Google protected three executives accused of sexual misconduct, including Android creator Andy Rubin.

In a letter to employees, the Indian-American chief executive officer said Google was "dead serious" about ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace and emphasized that none of the sacked people got an exit package when they were let go.

The email which was also sent to all the employees of the Google came after a USA national New York Times reported that the company gave Android creator Andy Rubin 90 million United States dollars as an exit package after being accused of sexual misconduct by an employee.

They said that of the 48 people terminated, 13 were senior managers and above, and that none of them received an exit package. And now company policy requires that all VPs and senior VPs disclose relationships with co-workers.

Andy Rubin, the Android mobile software creator, left Google in 2014 after an investigation into an allegation of an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate, The Information reported past year.

Although Pichai didn't directly address the allegations against Rubin and other executives, he conceded the Times story "was hard to read" and did not dispute it.

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Later, Rubin tweeted that the story was a "smear campaign".

In 2014, Rubin left the company. The Information reported previous year that Google had found that Rubin was involved in an "inappropriate relationship" with a subordinate.

"We investigate and take action, including termination", said Eileen Naughton, Google's VP for people operations. Rubin started dating a subordinate from the Android team in 2012, while he was still leading the division at Google.

In fact, Google has been paying installments of his "exit package" every month for the last four years, and the last one is scheduled for next month.

Rubin, who briefly stepped away from his smartphone company Essential after it was reported he was involved in an "inappropriate relationship" at Google, also reportedly kept bondage sex videos on his Google work computer, and dated multiple women who worked at Google.

A Google investigation found the woman's complaint credible, the Times reported. You can find many ways to do this ... At least one Google employee spoke out further following the report, saying the company's moves to protect executives makes it harder for victims to report abuse.