Bloomberg Reveals What's Coming from Apple's NYC Event: iPad Pros and More


On the Mac front, Bloomberg and others have reported that major overhauls are coming for both the MacBook and the Mac mini. However, now we've got a good reason to believe that the iPad isn't the only lineup that will receive an upgrade later this month. It appeared that three of the models listed in the EEC database were related to new MacBook Pros, though the A1932 in the database is likely to be an upcoming MacBook laptop. To tide you over, here's a rundown of everything we expect to see, and what will probably be a no-show. Details about those new Macs, however, are less than what we've heard for the new iPad Pros which will undoubtedly be the stars of that show. The smaller 10.5-inch iPad Pro will see a slight bump in its display size to around 11-inches as well.

After launching new iPhones, Apple is all set to unveil what it has been planning with its computer and tablet segment.

Other changes include an updated version of the Apple Pencil, the tech giant's (2018) 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Pro stylus. According to Kuo, the new iPad Pro models will have slim bezels, with displays that stretch almost edge to edge, similar to new iPhone models like the iPhone XS.

It's also thought that the Mac Mini and super skinny MacBook will get big upgrades at the keynote. The low-priced replacement, which may or may not keep the "Air" designation (it could also be a cheaper addition to the 30cm MacBook line) will include a screen that's roughly 33cm in size, but with thinner bezels around the display to reduce the laptop's overall footprint. Based on his previous predictions, Kuo is sure that this computer will be a replacement to the MacBook Air, with a 13-inch Retina display to replace the fuzzy low-res display on the old Air.

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The Mac Mini rises from the dead?

In fact, the last new version of the Mac Mini was released back in 2014, the same year Apple launched the iPhone 6. However, only Apple stores that feature video walls will be hosting these events, which excludes a vast majority of them. Nonetheless, this should also be good enough for most users as the Mac mini in its current iteration is awfully outdated and of no use.

According to Kuo, Apple is still working on its wireless charging pad, Air Power, that's capable of charging up to three different devices at the same time. That will leave the iPhone as the only high profile Apple device to use the Lightning connector.

So the AirPower mat might not arrive this year-or ever-but when the product was first teased, Apple demonstrated it with an upgraded version of the AirPods case that could be charged wirelessly. When AirPower was absent from Apple's iPhone event back in September, it seemed like the company might have over-promised and needed to go back to the drawing board.