Witches are planning to put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh


Roberts was in Minneapolis for the Stein Lecture, an annual conversation sponsored by U law school professor and former dean Robert A. Stein.

"That commands a certain degree of humility from those of us in the judicial branch who do not", he said.

The Daily Caller's Supreme Court reporter Kevin Daily notes that while the Standing Committee's evaluations are "separate and distinct" from the ABA, the association asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to postpone Kavanaugh's nomination until completion of an FBI investigation, which wrapped up Thursday October 4.

Roberts said he has great respect for public officials since "they speak for the people".

That collegiality is expressed in a century-old tradition, he said, of the justices shaking hands before going on to the bench to hear arguments.

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Roberts also stressed the value of the court's tradition of collegiality. Kavanaugh fiercely denied the allegations in a emotional testimony.

"Every single one of us needs to realize how precious the court's legitimacy is".

He tries not to read commentary about the court's work, unless it's something "thoughtful" from the legal community. "'I don't remember, '" Mr. Trump said, to cheers and laughs from the crowd. As I said to you, in the last segment, I have been a victim of these attacks as well. The point was that a party to the case in question lacked legal standing - it had no stake in the case.

"No, I'm looking at the actual published lyrics", Roberts recalled explaining to the New York Times. Which leads me to wonder, how many others - those vowing not to visit Maine this year, or buy from L.L. Bean, for example, thereby attempting to claim the moral high ground - live in states where one or both senators supported the Ka- vanaugh confirmation?