Chris Evans DESTROYS Piers Morgan’s Toxic Daniel Craig Tweet!


Actor Chris Evans, best known for portraying a paragon of non-toxic masculinity, Captain America, was particularly irritated by the tweet.

Morgan responded to numerous comments, defending his point of view, saying "James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies".

The adversarial English media personality raised the ire of the internet with a recent tweet deriding James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

The Good Morning Britain host tweeted a photo of new dad Craig carrying one-month-old Ella, his daughter with Rachel Weisz, with the caption "Oh 007. not you as well?!" The point of contention according to Morgan?

Another outraged Twitter user quipped: "Imagine being so insecure that you think a man carrying his own child in public is being emasculated".

James Bond memes added to the humor.

Many other dads spoke out on social media in support of Daniel Craig's baby carrier
ADAM BERRY GETTY IMAGES Many other dads spoke out on social media in support of Daniel Craig's baby carrier

As is appropriate for the schoolyard nature of Twitter, Morgan replied by saying that Captain America wouldn't wear a papoose.

Piers Morgan believes there's a manly way to be a father, but many online begged to differ. "Father-Daughter Bond", wrote @seanaroni. I'm sure [Morgan] would find this emasculating.

"In the 7 years since this photo I've had my nails painted, hair done, been a patient at their dentist and worked in their kitchen more times than I can remember", said Lord Helmet (@d_helmet).

Twitter immediately called him out on his feelings about masculinity.

Photos of baby-sling-sporting beefcakes such as UFC fighter Alex Volkanovski and Thor hunk Chris Hemsworth have been circulated widely in the wake of the papoose controversy to prove that carriers don't corrupt masculinity.

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