Palm Returns As A Small-Sized Companion Phone


But as the vicious cycle of new becomes old, and old becomes new again proves, these legacy brands never truly die - especially when there's money to be made. Well, now a startup based in California is working with TCL Communications, a Chinese electronics and smart tech company, to reinvent and reintroduce Palm, and it's bringing yet another device to simplify your life.

The miniature mobe - while Palm boasts can be, er, "worn on your neck or slipped into your yoga pants" - features a non-removable nano-SIM that mirrors your primary SIM, for when "you don't want the distraction of your primary smartphone". Its LCD display measures a scant 3.3 inches diagonally, but because its so small, the HD screen still has an impressive 445 pixels per inch. When you turn Life Mode on by tapping a palm tree icon, it enables a set of Do Not Disturb and Low Battery settings. There is also 12MP rear camera along with an 8MP camera on the front.

But Palm's "phone companion" pitch quickly breaks down for exactly the same reason most people don't have separate workday and weekend rides: Cost. Perhaps the biggest weakness on this phone is its tiny 800 mAh battery, but I guess if this device is so tiny, it shouldn't consume that much power to begin with.

The phone is exclusive to US-carrier Verizon where it will sell for $349.99, and given their incompatible network with our Australian LTE bands, even if you want one it's unlikely it would work here. The device comes with Snapdragon 435 chipset coupled with 3GB of RAM.

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To do that, the Palm Phone has a couple of interesting features built in. It costs USD350 (around RM1,450) yes, but right now you can only purchase it through U.S. carrier Verizon on a connected device plan, so it comes with a nano SIM that you can't remove.

The Fasetto Forum allows you to broadcast presentations on any device in a room, all through its own wifi signal. It has a 12-megapixel camera on the back and an 8-megapixel selfie shooter.if you care about taking pictures on a device this small. This Palm will fit in your hand and you won't get a lot of things done with the minimalist hardware, providing the similarity to a kitten, including the powerful attraction some will feel towards it. It's essentially an alternative to a dumb phone or a smartwatch that gives you more features while hopefully discouraging you from staring at a screen all the time. Then, you factor in celebrity endorsement by basketball superstar Steph Curry and designer accessories by Kate Spade, and the intention is clear: It's more about pushing a statement than a game-changing product.

So Palm's entire raison d'etre stems from the mainline smartphone makers' abandonment of the comparatively small-handed, or just people who prefer smaller devices.

"So here's a phone that saves you from your phone".