Stardew Valley For Mobile Will Let You Import Your PC Save Games


Creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has tapped The Secret Police to handle the iOS and Android ports of Stardew Valley, and they've been at work "for about a year". The app is being developed by London-based studio The Secret Police.

Today, I've got some exciting news to share with everyone - Stardew Valley is coming to mobile, and it's actually releasing on the iOS App Store in just over 2 weeks time, on October 24th!

Are you planning to revisit Pelican Town? For more information visit the official Stardew Valley website here.

While the iOS versions of the game won't come with the fabled multiplayer iteration available in the GOG or Steam versions on PC, it will have all the single-player bells and whistles of the 1.3 multiplayer patch.

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This studio is also working on completing an Android port of Stardew Valley, although there is now no release date for this version. Most notably, you won't be able to play Stardew Valley on your phone with other people, nor will you be able to use any mods (at least on the iOS version). Barone's post goes on to note that developing the mobile port hasn't impacted development of the console multiplayer ports.

Android owners will have to wait a little while longer, with that versions launch details to follow in the near future.

No, there won't be mods or multiplayer, however, for those who played on PC, you'll be able to transfer your save data to the iOS version via iTunes so you won't have to lose any progress!

The exciting news that the game will be heading to iPhone wasn't the only good news.