Respond to Hurricane Maria


He thanked Trump for showing compassion, which was lacking in numerous former US presidents.

This shows that there is a lack of congressional oversight which is especially striking the serious questions that remain unanswered of the questions about the hurricane which have killed near to 2,975 people, as per researchers at George Washington University.

Long said this in relation to the authenticity of the study conducted by George Washington University, which said that more than 3,000 people had died in Puerto Rico as part of Hurricane Maria past year. And on Thursday, his conspiracy theory du jour was that Democrats somehow oversold the official death toll in Puerto Rico previous year - a toll that a recent study found is near 3,000 - "in order to make me look bad". A study by Harvard University released in May estimated that Maria was responsible for the deaths of more than 4,600 people. Hundreds of deaths came long after the first weeks of the storm, as medical equipment failed and sick people weakened in the suffocating heat.

President Donald Trump is expected to visit the areas affected by Hurricane Florence next week, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Friday.

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"You might see more deaths indirectly occur as time goes on, because people have heart attacks due to stress, they fall off their house trying to fix their roof, they die in vehicle crashes because they went through an intersection where the stoplights weren't working".

The Post then pointed out "The George Washington researchers did not attribute any specific individual's death to Maria", and later that "If researchers had attributed every death on the island to the storm, the six-month death toll from the hurricane would have been more than five times as high". "But if you want to get into Puerto Rico from the standpoint of what needs to happen next, you've got to fix aging infrastructure that wasn't ready to support the commonwealth before that storm hit, and when they were blown out it exponentially causes problems on the back end". They die in vehicle crashes because they went through an intersection where the stoplights weren't working....

"There's all kinds of studies on this that we can take a look at", Long continued. "We work everyday to try to prevent that", Long said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "They should be ashamed of themselves and they should be apologizing to the American public and the people of Puerto Rico who have had to go through this now again, the number of deaths without again, evidence, without death certificates, without burials, without any factual basis for an analysis of what is Puerto Rico's, one of its greatest tragedies in its history".