EU sanction threat 'no danger' to Hungary: PM Orban


The European Parliament voted to discipline Hungary for undermining democratic values, setting off a process that could lead to the suspension of the country's voting rights.

The vote on the proceedings, known as Article 7 after a provision in the European Union treaties, was welcomed by Orban's increasingly besieged foes inside Hungary, who saw it as their final hope to preserve democratic values at home, and his critics across Europe.

The vote takes the first steps under Article 7 of the EU Treaty, known by some in Brussels as the "nuclear option", which could ultimately strip Hungary of its EU voting rights. But it was still unclear whether the 751-strong would be able to muster the two-thirds majority needed to pass the censure motion, which accuses of breaching core European Union values.

His opposition to European migration protection and his demand a "cultural counterrevolution" in Europe establish him in battle with the European Union's leadership.However Mr. Orban's possess political alliance publicly stood by him, and might even private voted with him on Wednesday nonetheless for his an increasing selection of provocative behavior for the reason that launch of the year.This summer season he has looked extra pleased within the company of a ways-edifying figures equivalent to Matteo Salvini, the new Italian interior minister, and Stephen Good adequate.

When asked for comment, a Hungarian government representative cited Palkovics' interview from June in which he had said they are "currently examining whether actual training is being performed by the CEU in the United States with the involvement of education experts".

The move saw some members of the European People's Party bloc - of which Orban's Fidesz movement is a member - vote against their ally in Budapest.

Vaatz said he "deeply regretted" the EP's decision to approve the report criticising the state of the rule of law in Hungary, as well as the fact that a number of MEPs from his own party "took part in the operation to punish Hungary".

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"Today, European Parliamentarians stood up for what is right".

The European Parliament has voted to pursue unprecedented disciplinary action against Hungary over alleged breaches of the EU's core values.

Much of Orban's conservative European People's Party in the European Parliament which includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats voted in favour of the motion to sanction Hungary over the rule of law. "They made it clear that human rights, the rule of law and democratic values are not up for negotiation", she said. "We had enough dialogue".

Hungary claimed its defeat in the European Parliament involved "massive fraud" since 48 abstentions weren't counted in the final tally, which made it easier to reach the needed majority.

The vote was seen as a possible last chance to put a brake on Orban's most "illiberal" behavior, which has included criminalizing the work of nongovernmental organizations that assist refugees and an attempt to oust a renowned university.

"If there is a serious problem, and to some extent we do understand and share some concerns mentioned in the report, the right way would be to go through the European Commission and not the European Parliament, which is why we voted the way we did", Plenković said.