U.S. seeking new trade talks with China


The two chambers of commerce on Thursday urged the USA and Chinese governments to resume negotiations. "China has indeed received an invitation from the United States and holds a welcoming attitude to it". "If we meet, we meet?"

China welcomed the offer of talks and said the two countries were discussing the details, according to reports.

Only 6 per cent said they were considering relocation back to the United States, the survey said.

A huge market slump before the mid-term elections could not be great for the Republicans and a bad result could leave Donald as a lame duck President, though he still would be able to keep hitting China and others with trade sanctions, as this power actually rests with the President!

Every year, the USA imports $500 billion worth of goods from China, while it ships only one-third of that amount to the East Asian country.

This is a sideshow to draw attention to the fact that the U.S. is a trade bully and China is looking for world economy support because they know most countries don't like the game Trump is playing.

"If nearly a half of American companies anticipate a strong negative impact from the next round of US tariffs, then the USA administration will be hurting the companies it should be helping", he said.

The president told aides to proceed with the tariffs, Bloomberg News first reported, further escalating a trade war between the world's two largest economies.

A day earlier, more than 60 USA industry groups launched a coalition - Americans for Free Trade - to take the fight against the tariffs public.

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The chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China warned the Trump administration might be underestimating China's resolve to fight back.

"The U.S. administration runs the risk of a downward spiral of attack and counterattack, benefiting no one", Zarit said in statement.

The possibility of new talks comes as China is wary of the "very painful" impact of additional United States tariffs given its economic slowdown, with its gross domestic product at the lower end of its growth range for the past three years. A similar amount said they were delaying investment decisions because of the trade tensions. It was unclear whether any US-China talks would delay the duties.

That would prompt a fresh round of restructuring in the global supply chain, both in Asia and in other parts of the world. That prompted worries it would use regulatory controls to disrupt USA business operations in China. -China trade relations, address long-standing inequities and level the playing field. Some 67.6 percent said the same of China's planned retaliatory tariffs on $60 of American goods.

Some 52.1 percent of companies said Chinese authorities are slowing customs clearances, increasing inspections or imposing other "qualitative measures".

Almost half of respondents - who work in retail, food and manufacturing - say production costs have climbed, and 42 percent said they've noticed a decreased demand for their products.

China has tried without success to recruit Germany, France, South Korea and other governments as allies against Washington. "There's some discussions and information that we received that the Chinese government - the top of the Chinese government wished to pursue talks".

Trump's Twitter post is consistent with his recent bravado toward China, but it could make Chinese leaders dubious that Trump will be willing to negotiate a deal.