Trump insults Woodward book again and says he'll write "the real book!"


Woodward said the president's staff tried to explain that this is a defensive measure.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 61 percent of voters think the administration is chaotic, while 32 percent believe it is running well.

"Just run the presses - print money", Trump said, according to Woodward, during a discussion on the national debt with Gary Cohn, former director of the White House National Economic Council.

Woodward's book is based on "deep background" interviews, which he defines in his book as interviews where "all the information could be used but I would not say who provided it".

Donald Trump on Friday slammed investigative journalist Bob Woodward's damning portrayal of the inner workings of the U.S. president's administration as a "scam", alleging that it includes made-up quotes.

At some points, Woodward writes, Porter stood as a critical voice to temper the president's whims.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the book was "nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees, told to make the president look bad". It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. "I don´t even know why any of us are here". The magazine goes on to say that Cohn was "astounded" by "the depths of the president's stupidity". Fellow Watergate figure John Dean, the White House attorney who ultimately provided damaging evidence against Nixon, said Trump could be in a similar situation after his own White House lawyer sat down with Mueller's investigators for more than 30 hours.

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"These are political statements to protect their jobs", he said.

Cohn pushed back on the book's claims Tuesday, while Trump has repeatedly called the book a "scam".

But Woodward insisted his book was accurate and said he carefully vetted each description included in the book.

Trump tweeted that "the Woodward book is a Joke - just another assault against me, in a barrage of assaults, using now disproven unnamed and anonymous sources".

Alas, that was before the president came to the conclusion that Woodward was working for the Dems and that he made quotes up out of whole cloth, which was about the same time that excerpts of Woodward's book began to leak.

As Staff Secretary, I was responsible for managing the flow of documents to and from the Oval Office and ensuring that anything the President was asked to sign had been properly vetted. This, during a conversation on Afghanistan, during which Trump also said, according to Woodward, that Modi told him the USA had "gotten nothing out of Afghanistan". We all know, for instance, how obsessed he seems with the notion that other countries are taking advantage of the United States, but throughout this book he sees that tension purely in dollars and cents, not in larger national interests.