The new, enormous, expensive iPhone is confirmed and has a name


Meaning, we can expect the new iPhones to be available in India on the same date. It mentions dual SIM variants of the XS models, though, so there's still a bit of confusion in that regard.

We're just counting down the days before one of the most awaited smartphone events of the year, especially for Apple fans who have been biding their time since the beginning of 2018.

These prices, when converted to United States dollars, look something like $699 for the XC, $899 for the XS, and $999 for the XS Max.

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What will Apple call this year's iPhones? iPhone 2018? iPhone X (2018)? iPhone X Plus? iPhone XS? The 5.8-inch OLED option is said to be named "iPhone Xs" (that's "10 s"), while the 6.1-inch LED model's monicker remains unclear; it could be the "iPhone 9" to make up for continuity, or something else. Comparing the USA and Chinese costs of the other two models with the Chinese price for the iPhone XS suggests it will sell for $875 in the U.S.

Apart from the color options, we can also see that the LCD iPhone will feature an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel which is found on the high-end iPhone X. Other details suggest the device will house a single lens camera set up at the back. The iPhone X, meanwhile, has a Dh661.50 disparity between its own 64GB and 256GB offerings. All these specs for the 6.1-incher make sense because Apple is planning to position this as a more "entry-level" device, the price of which would be at par with the iPhone X's lesser co-star a year ago, the iPhone 8, which is now priced starting at Dh2,991.50, which is about $815. So far, we already know that both of the premium OLED iPhones - the 5.8-inch and the 6.5-inch models - will be called the iPhone Xs, and the iPhone Xs Max. These price points were rumored long before Apple dropped the ball allowing the iPhone XS name and marketing images to leak. (1225$) and iPhone XC (6.1-inch) will start at 5888?

Although less likely, Apple may also launch new versions of its iPad Pro range. This year it is also expected that company might introduce the new iPhones in new colour variants as well.