The plaid shirt guy from the Trump rally reveals his identity


Linfesty ended up making a series of puzzled faces while Trump spoke, and many on social media took notice. However, the high schooler stood out because of his animated facial expressions, that ranged from bewildered to skeptical.

During the rally, a man wearing a plaid shirt standing on the left side of the screen can be seen smiling, rolling his eyes and appearing concerned at various points in the speech. He just wanted to see the president and hear his speech.

The 17-year-old Billings West High School senior talked with MTN News on Friday about his whirlwind last 24 hours, which included appearances on several national TV news outlets and being featured in dozens of articles across the country.

He said him and his friends did not have an agenda and had an open mind before attending.

"They didn't really tell me anything". "I knew that I was getting kicked out for not clapping so I didn't fight it".

He was told to smile and clap but "had to be honest with my views", Linfesty said. "I would of made those faces if anyone were to say that to me".

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Linfesty said, "Out of everyone there at the rally, they chose one person randomly to meet the President, give him a handshake and have a photo op with him and I got that award". I think I know why they removed me... before the rally, they told us, you know, 'you have to be enthusiastic, you have to be clapping, you have to be cheering for Donald Trump.' And I wasn't doing that because, you know, I wasn't enthusiastic and I wasn't happy with what he was saying... 'I knew what faces I was making, but those faces were completely genuine.

The two people directly behind Trump for a portion of the event appeared to clearly be there for the express objective of providing a visual commentary track mocking everything he said. Where Linfesty could not find common ground was with Trumps tax plan, which he believes benefits the top 1% and not the middle class.

Choi notes that Trump's campaign rallies are often tightly controlled, and during a rally in IN, one of Trump's staffers was caught on camera using his hand to block a photographer taking a picture of a protester.

"The woman she came in, and she just said, 'I'm going to replace you.' And I just walked off". Linfesty said Mr. Trump "gets the crowd really riled up, but the important part is to listen to the content of the speech".

According to Linfesty, Secret Service agents then escorted him to a back room where they sat him down for 10 minutes and looked at his ID, before "very respectfully" telling him to leave and not come back.