Kavanaugh appears likely to gain Senate approval


Democrats, who have argued that the hearing should be delayed to allow them to completely review all of Mr Kavanaugh's records, released the emails after disputing the White House's claim that they pertain to national security. So, you gave a speech praising former Justice Rehnquist dissent in Rhodes, there's been much discussion about that, and you wrote, celebrating his success, that "success in stemming the free-wheeling tide creation of unenumerated rights", that is what you said in celebration of Justice Rehnquist.

Asked the question again Thursday by Republican Sen.

Vermont's senior senator of Vermont built upon a line of questioning he began on Wednesday, pressing Kavanaugh on emails between him and then fellow Republican operative Manuel Miranda, who was responsible for promulgating stolen information from Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee during Kavanaugh's time as a lawyer for the White House counsel under President George W. Bush.

Kavanaugh completed two days of lengthy questioning by senators on Thursday night, keeping his composure under intense questioning by Democrats and avoiding any stumbles that could have tripped up his confirmation.

One of the more revealing moments in the Democrats' Judiciary Committee clown show was when Kamala Harris sneeringly referred to the Constitution as "that book that you [Judge Kavanaugh] carry".

The Supreme Court is now evenly divided 4-4 between conservative and liberal justices. Explaining his opinion in a case involving religiously affiliated groups that object to paying for contraception under the Affordable Care Act, Kavanaugh referred to "abortion-inducing drugs", a term often used by abortion opponents to describe some contraceptives. Hunter Lechance, a 15-year-old asthma sufferer, warned that if Kavanaugh is confirmed it would mean "more air pollution, more asthma attacks, and more premature deaths for the millions of Americans unfortunate enough to be afflicted with asthma like me".

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While the above two examples are probably worrying enough to most Black folks, Asians may also want to pay attention to Kavanaugh's apparent racism, according to one of the emails that tried to reinforce racial stereotypes. Kavanaugh said he didn't talk to anyone at the firm about that.

"Bring the charges, go through the Senate process to take on somebody you said is unbecoming to be a Senator", he told his Republican colleagues.

Kavanaugh called Garland "a great judge - a great chief judge, and he's very careful, and very hardworking, and we work well together". "We need a Supreme Court that will protect clean air because lives depend on it".

Kavanaugh's comment that "three current justices" would overturn Roe is out of date due to changes on the court. They've paraded their personal legislative hobby horses before the cameras, suggesting that it's the role of a Supreme Court justice to craft legislation from the bench.

The tone in the email from 2003 contrasted with his responses to questions on Wednesday, when he stressed how hard it is to overturn precedents like Roe. Kavanaugh answered, "I'm not - I'm not - I'm not thinking of any right now, senator".