Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee, sidesteps subpoena question


Republicans hope to confirm Kavanaugh in time for the first day of the new Supreme Court term, October 1. He cited Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan as insisting in their confirmation hearings that nominees can offer no forecasts or hints on how they might rule on a case. This is a relevant topic because Judge Kavanaugh was part of the Special Counsel team which investigated President Bill Clinton, who was impeached, but has since changed his mind. Republicans in turn accused the Democrats of turning the hearing into a circus.

Klobuchar also repeated her objections to hundreds of thousands of documents related to Kavanaugh that remain secret, including 100,000 documents the White House has declared off limits from the five years that Kavanaugh worked for President George W. Bush.

The second day of questioning in Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing began with another bitter controversy over the GOP's handling of the process and the behavior of Democrats seeking to slow his confirmation.

Brett Kavanaugh is sworn-in before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Harris said late on the second day of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

Republicans command a narrow 51-49 Senate majority.

"It's very common when you are in judicial selection process to determine what are all the senators interested in for an upcoming nominee or an upcoming hearing". Booker says the email shows Kavanaugh was at least open to racial profiling by police.

After Bush moved into the White House in 2001, he recruited Kavanaugh as legal counsel before later naming him to the appellate court in 2003.

Klobuchar noted that Kavanaugh's explanation in his dissent that the court could distinguish between a "major" and "minor" question with respect to deferring to an expert agency when there was ambiguity in the law would be a "you-know-it-when-you-see-it" standard was the reason that the other judges didn't agree with Kavanaugh. "It is about Democratic senators re-litigating the 2016 election".

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Kavanaugh also said he was unaware of the domestic violence allegations against Rob Porter, who was Trump's staff secretary. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., he declined to say whether that case was properly decided.

But Booker says he can't share the email with the nominee because it is among those that have been labelled "committee confidential" - available to senators, but not the public.

Both Sens Hatch & Grassley continue to speak as though they don't understand Leahy's request.

Booker continued: 'I'm releasing it to expose that, number one, e-mails are being withheld from the public, have nothing to do with national security.

Protesters on Wednesday repeatedly brought the hearing to a pause before they were ejected. "Even [former Supreme Court Justice Antonin] Scalia understood that weapons that are most useful in military service can in fact be regulated".

Feinstein's assertion that more people would die if Kavanaugh would be confirmed because of his pro-gun stance and his refusal to agree with her assault weapons ban is nothing shy of anti-gun rhetoric at its finest.

"Senator, I'm not going to answer hypothetical questions of that sort", the judge responded.

While Kavanaugh's record has antagonised conservatives at times, his position on executive authority may have endeared him to Trump.