AI Cube combining Huawei’s intelligent speaker and a 4G router


Same as the case with other smart speakers, the Huawei AI Cube can make Alexa to Alexa voice calls and the best part is it even comes with 4G mobile Internet router.

The AI Cube will not arrive in Europe until the end of the year, according to Huawei, and unfortunately, neither American nor Chinese users will be able to hold this version in their hands, provided that this is due to the restrictive measures taken by these countries against these manufacturers and the alleged espionage attempts.

Nearly a month ago, Samsung chose to join Amazon, Google, and Apple in the smart speakers club by unveiling the Galaxy Home.

With support for Wi-Fi on 4G LTE, HUAWEI AI Cube can fulfill the myriad connectivity demands arising from the smart home.

With Alexa built into the device, consumers can use it to effortlessly play music, control smart home devices, and access more than 50,000 "skills", or apps, with voice commands.

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AI Cube features dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, in addition to 4G LTE Category 6, and LAN connectivity. Touch sensitive volume buttons, an Alexa button and a physical mute button are all present, providing Echo functionality and completing what is clearly a device inspired by the current holy trinity of smart speakers. All you need to do is ask. Probably not, but Huawei's AI Cube, unveiled at the IFA trade show in Berlin on Friday, at least offers something a little different.

While there are no independent reviews out yet, Huawei claims this is a "high-end" and "groundbreaking" wireless 360-degree speaker, with a powerful sound system.

Connected via the cloud to search engines, databases, apps and other devices, they are created to allow users to retrieve information and control their digital lives without laying a finger on their phone or computer.

All the aforementioned technologies supported on the HUAWEI AI Cube are packed in small matte white body with a seamless 3D mesh base. The company has not yet announced the price and availability of Huawei Cube AI smart speaker. Following its ban from Australia's 5G network, Huawei's "AI Cube" will reportedly not launch down under.