Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) Arrives This Fall


He now carries a Pixel 2 XL, Huawei P20 Pro, and a Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 around in his pockets. Thanks to the improvements made by machine learning, these shortcuts can now become "App Actions".

If you're one of those who updated, then we have bad news for you. Developers of certain call recording apps have confirmed that Android 9 Pie doesn't allow the call recording apps to function properly, thus rendering them useless.

The second largest smartphone brand in terms of units shipped, Huawei has released several high-end specification smartphones which are eligible for Android 9 Pie update.

Assistant Go now supports additional languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian, and has expanded support for device actions like controlling Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, and added reminders. You can get one of these from Amazon in prices ranging from $30 to hundreds of dollars. There are ways around the downsides - if you're willing to play a cat-and-mouse game with Google to maintain this level of access. "My phone only charges using a USB A charger". For instance, you go ahead and ask Google 'Hey Google, what is Lady Gaga's real name?' and you'll get the expected result as always. So for this, you have to head to your Google Play Store and download any gesture app like Navigation gestures or X-Home bar app. Features you'll want as soon as possible.

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Tap and hold the action card until you see the 'Cancel' and 'Don't show' options show up. This new feature comes with a Dashboard and App Timer.

Best apps for App Actions?

As of right now, Google's Pixel phones and the Essential Phone are the only devices that can run Android Pie. Some Pixel XL owners on Android Pie say that the "rapidly charging" message never pops up anymore after updating to Pie, while others say that the phone has gotten pickier about what chargers can provide rapid charging. Google is known for putting a high price on the user experience that it's devices offer and the Android parent is probably busy optimizing the new operating system to work on different smartphones.