Meghan Markle's dad says he never got invite to royal wedding


The 74-year-old father to the Duchess of Sussex sensationally revealed how he had hung up on Prince Harry during a heated call ahead of the couple's wedding on May 19.

In an interview with another British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, Markle, who lives in Mexico, said how he had hung up the phone on Harry, 33, before the wedding after the prince berated him over the staged pictures. "She also fell in love with England and told me when she got back that it's somewhere she believes she too could happily live". That it would end in tears. The fortune-teller didn't mention William would be a prince, but you can't give away all the spoilers, right?

"Like any father I wanted to say a few words", he added. Harry told him this "never would have happened" if he [Thomas] had listened, Thomas revealed.

However, the immediate build-up to the wedding was overshadowed by her father, a former lighting director for U.S. TV soaps and sitcoms, who pulled out days beforehand after undergoing heart surgery.

"That hurt", Thomas griped.

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After the Daily Mail's story appeared, Harry and Meghan called Mr Markle again, though by then he was in hospital recovering from a heart attack.

However, despite locking horns with Harry, 33, over the pictures, Thomas was expecting the couple to visit him in the United States after their honeymoon - particularly as he had just undergone extensive surgery on his heart - but his wish never came true. To escalate the situation even further, Mr. Markle then lied to Prince Harry and told him he was being fitted for a hoodie.

That much was already clear looking at the (very public) feud with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., and the mean-spirited comments half-sister and future Celebrity Big Brother contestant Samantha Markle keeps making, but her other extended family members don't often throw their hats into the ring - her half-brother included. I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Extended travelling during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy could leave women experiencing nausea and extreme tiredness - and it is also during this time that the risk of miscarriage is greater. My character is a foodie because they know that I'm a foodie.

However, Kensington Palace is "less concerned" about Samantha than Thomas, the source notes, "because she has never had a real relationship with Meghan".