Google Play Store warns users about potential fake Fortnite downloads


The game, for now, is available exclusively on Samsung devices through the company's app store.

An APK for Fortnite on Android has been leaked, allowing some players to play the game on their Android devices before it has officially released. The move was spurred by the revenue cut taken by the Mountain View company on its distribution platform, which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney felt was unjustified, but it generated a wave of concerns regarding security since it made it easier for fans of the game to fall for scams or download potentially harmful files.

However, to get the game you will have to install it from a third-party source, which is a bit more complicated than just visiting the Google Play Store.

This long waiting time has perhaps lead to some impatience, and thus users are using an APK to download Android Fortnite before it's release. Fortnite won't even be available for download on the Play store. Pirated and stolen versions of apps are often released via APK's. The game is available on PC and Mac, home consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and even launched on iOS earlier in March for iPhone and iPad users.

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Epic Games' free-to-play multiplatform game just crossed the billion-dollar threshold thanks to in-game purchases where players pay upgrades to customize their characters.

Malware could infect Android users looking to play Fortnite in a myriad of ways.

Samsung's exclusive rights to the Fortnite for Android beta will expire on August 13, after which the beta will open to dozens of more Android devices. Epic will also offer downloads of the game on its website in the coming days for most Android smartphones.